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RECENT EVENTS - Inspired Word: George the Poet

Monday 14 January 2013 - 8:00 PM

George the Poet | Royal Albert Hall

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George The Poet, a 21 year old wordsmith from NW London offers politically conscious, humorous and hard-hitting social commentary through the media of poetry.

His poetry draws from the Politics, Psychology and Sociology course he studies at Cambridge University. George champions a new brand of poetry, which is set for commercial and critical success.

Growing up on a council estate exposed the poet in his early years to the forgotten side of London. Where broken homes and drug dealing were the norm George navigated his way to academic success and an interest in music. He recollects moving from “singing to rapping to Grime, making observations and the words just happened to rhyme”.

George is keen to help underprivileged young people succeed and contribute to their communities. The first step is to stimulate sociological discussion in inner-city circles through poetry. Most important is that the youth challenge the situations, stigmas and assumptions they are faced with. In conjunction with greater education this will help cultivate an enterprising, politically conscious generation of social actors, as opposed to reactors.

Support comes from Birmingham-based singer/songwriter Jacob Banks.