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Please note that this event has been rescheduled to July 2021. If you have tickets to this show we’ll be in touch soon. Thank you for your patience.

Witness strength sport and entertainment at its absolute best and biggest in the incredible surroundings of the Hall!

The Strongman Classic will deliver the epic, blood-pumping action Giants Live are known for, but with an old-time strongman edge, with impressive world records attempts such as the Max Axle Press, Hercules Hold, Giant Axle Deadlift, Frame walk and the Atlas Stone.

Expect an intense atmosphere in the adrenaline-filled Royal Albert Hall, harking back to the world’s first professional weightlifting competition that took place in our iconic Auditorium in 1901.

Join us in 2021 for a spectacular celebration of history, heritage and herculean strength as a host of international strongman champions compete live for a golden ticket to World’s Strongest Man!

2021 Royal Albert Hall Strongman Classic Athletes announced:
Oleksii Novikov “The World’s Strongest Man” – Ukraine
Mateusz Kieliszkowski “Terminator” – Poland
Jean-François Caron “JF” – Canada
Mark Felix “The Miracle” – England
Laurence Shahlaei “The Warrior” – England
Adam Bishop “Bish” – England
Cheick Sanou “Iron Biby” – Burkina Faso
Tom Stoltman “The Albatross” – Scotland
Luke Stoltman “The Highland Oak” – Scotland
Aivars Smaukstelis “The Latvian Giant” – Latvia
Terry Hollands “Big Tel” – England
Evan Singleton “T-Rex” – USA
Luke Richardson “The Future” – England