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We are very sorry to announce that this event will no longer take place as scheduled due to the developing coronavirus situation, which has seen us have to close the Royal Albert Hall until further notice with a heavy heart.

We are working as hard as we can to reschedule all affected events and will be in touch with bookers as soon as we can with further details regarding your booking. Unfortunately this will not be possible right away; as you can hopefully understand we are facing a lot of immediate challenges following the sudden closure of the venue, about which our full statement can be found here:

Our Love Classical Lates series returns to the Elgar Room with an intimate neo-classical performance by contemporary pianist Pieter de Graaf, performing tracks from his latest album Fernata.

It can take a while for an artist to find their true calling. For Pieter de Graaf, he’s been searching since he sat aged five next to his father watching him play the classics and the classical – The Beatles to Bach, The Rolling Stones to Chopin.

The first result of this search for musical meaning and depth is Fermata, Pieter’s debut neo-classical project.

To recreate Fermata’s magnificence, independence and freedom, he has developed a live one-man show which shows his compositions in unique light.

“I want every performance to be magical, and just a little bit different… the feeling is what’s important, that’s what makes a live show truly special.”