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We are very sorry to announce that this event will no longer take place as scheduled due to the developing coronavirus situation, which has seen us have to close the Royal Albert Hall until further notice with a heavy heart.

We are working as hard as we can to reschedule all affected events and will be in touch with bookers as soon as we can with further details regarding your booking. Unfortunately this will not be possible right away; as you can hopefully understand we are facing a lot of immediate challenges following the sudden closure of the venue, about which our full statement can be found here:

Pianist, composer and streaming sensation Dirk Maassen brings a rare UK performance to the intimacy of our Elgar Room.

As an electrical engineer by day, Dirk never imagined launching a successful international recording and touring career as a musician and composer.

His musical journey started by uploading a self-recorded track to SoundCloud which rapidly shot to the top of the classical charts. His career took off among streaming platforms when his self-published piano recordings went viral and turned into genre hits, gaining millions of listeners worldwide.

“Back in 2017 I visited the Royal Albert Hall and I was immediately captivated by the atmosphere of this iconic venue. Since then, it became one of my biggest dreams to play there one fine day. To return to London and present my new album Ocean in 2020 confirms my firm belief that if you really believe in your dreams, there is hardly anything that cannot happen!”

Dirk Maassen