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Eighteen classic scores. Two sensational screen composers. One incredible night.
Settling the Score features music from Casino Royale, Up, Sherlock, The Incredibles and more!

Join us for an evening of award-winning film and TV music from legendary composers, David Arnold and Michael Giacchino, as they strike up the orchestra and go into symphonic battle, comparing and colliding on their impressive back catalogue of music.

Confirming his position as one of the biggest figures in film and TV music, Michael Giacchino stakes his claim to the stage with music from award-winning scores for Star Trek, Ratatouille, Lost and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Rising to the challenge, David Arnold, best known for his epic Bond soundtracks as well as Independence Day, Godzilla, Stargate and the acclaimed TV series Good Omens, proves himself a worthy rival and equal to the very best composers.

This epic event, hosted by David and Michael, will include the UK live premiere of the Spider-Man: Far From Home soundtrack and the World live premiere of the Emmy-nominated Good Omens theme, introduced by Neil Gaiman, as well as storytelling, challenges of wit and friendly competition with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and conductor Gavin Greenaway. Matt Reeves will also be in attendance and introduce a Michael Giacchino piece from Cloverfield.

Listen: Get a taste of the show with our playlist