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From our Earth’s beginnings, to the connected world we live in today, music has always been a universal means of communication. Bird songs to love songs, ancient scores to film scores, Morse code to coding, ‘Convo’ explores how music gives us all a voice and our lives a soundtrack.

Convo is an ambitious new work by emerging composer Charlotte Harding , commissioned by the Tri-borough Music Hub, the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal College of Music.

Convo will be the culmination of a two year project working with young people from throughout the Tri-borough area, who will contribute their ideas and creativity into the composition process, before being joined by over 1,000 young instrumentalists and singers to give the world premiere performance, conducted by Ben Palmer.

Convo will not only be a captivating performance event, but will also provide a conduit to champion the importance of music as a universal communicator and as a tool to give young people a voice.

We are very grateful to John Lyon’s Charity, Children & The Arts and additional funders for their generous support of this project.