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Following the album release of the acclaimed soundtrack to the UK TV version of the The Moomins, one of its original composers, Graeme Miller, has created a new full re-scoring of Tove Jansson’s second and almost visionary second Moomins book, Comet in Moominland, featuring some of the original themes by Leeds post-punk duo Graeme Miller and Steve Shill.

Miller will be joined by Jamie Telford to perform this re-score live in the Hall’s Elgar Room, with the pair using a kitchen table-full of small instruments (including a box of cornflakes), whilst Moomintroll’s wild adventure pans out on screen.

This is a rare chance for Moomins fans old and new to experience Anne Wood’s TV adaptations of Film Polski’s breathtakingly charming animations, all accompanied by a live score which mixes Casios with ocarinas and the voices of vintage synthesisers with instruments from around the world.

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