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    Four exceptional British astronomers — Donald Lynden-Bell, Roger Griffin, Neville Woolf and Wallace Sargent, reunite for a final road trip across the American Southwest in Star Men (2015), directed by Alison E Rose.

    Celebrating 50 years of work and friendship, the four retired astronomers recount their parts played in the most exciting period in astronomy’s history – the Space Race of the 1960’s.

    As they journey through breathtaking landscapes and under spectacular star-filled skies, they reflect on how their work on the universe has illuminated the individual, affected their sense of religious faith, the purpose of life, and what is knowable and unknowable.

    The screening will be followed by a Q+A with Professor Donald Lynden-Bell, one of a group of astronomers nicknamed the ‘Seven Samurai’, who proposed the existence of a ‘Great Attractor’ in 1987. In 1995, in collaboration with his wife Ruth, Lynden-Bell discovered the Sagittarius stream.

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