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Argentinian-Swedish singer-songwriter José González and maverick orchestra The String Theory bring their collaborative show to the Royal Albert Hall in September 2018.

José González released his third solo album Vestiges & Claws in February 2015, following In Our Nature (2007) and his debut album Veneer (2003), which has sold over a million copies to date. This is González’s third collaborative European tour with The String Theory since their thunderous 2011 success, and the first time they have performed at the Royal Albert Hall.

‘González takes the basic elements of an acoustic troubadour’s craft and explores their possibilities… a stray breath, the buzzing of guitar strings, a hand scraping across the frets are all shades in González’s palette.’

The String Theory is a 20-strong avant-garde collective, think tank, and experimental chamber orchestra based in Berlin and Gothenburg that explores the outskirts of contemporary classical music and wild pop.