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Join author of historical fiction Ben Kane before the screening of Gladiator Live to learn about Rome’s greatest defeat – the massacre in the Germanic Teutoburg Forest circa AD 9, which inspired part of the film.

Ben Kane’s is the author of bestselling series The Forgotten Legion, Spartacus and Hannibal. His passion for ancient history has inspired him to immerse himself into the legend of Rome through extensive international travel. In 2013, Kane walked the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall while wearing full Roman military kit,

‘I’ve followed Spartacus’s trail across Italy. I’ve stood at Cannae and pictured Hannibal’s army meeting the massed legions of Rome. History is more than facts on a page. It’s the sounds, the smells, the people, the passion. History should make you think: “I was there”. ‘

Ticket £7, includes a glass of wine, beer or soft drink
Ticket £15, includes a copy of Ben Kane’s new book Hunting the Eagles a glass of wine, beer or soft drink