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    For the first time ever and for one night only, the Royal Albert Hall will host the mythical, dangerous, acrobatic and heroic world of Mexico’s masked wrestlers.

    Lucha Libre is huge, jaw-hanging, riotous fun of a kind that you will never forget. Marvel at high-flying acrobatics and astonishing special effects as 16 of Mexico’s finest, led by the legendary Blue Demon Jr., join battle under the Hall’s mighty dome.

    Featuring the funkiest live music from Tijuana’s Bostich & Fussible (Nortec Collective), Lucha Libre promises an exhilarating, foot-stamping, air-punching journey to the centre of a life-affirming struggle where rudos fight tecnicos and where good does not always triumph over evil.

    Luchadores confirmed to be taking part are: Blue Demon Jr., La Parka, Psyco Clown, Villano 4, Hijo Del Fantasma, Pentagon, Fenix, Texano Jr., Blue Demoncito Jr., Mini Histeria, Octagoncito, Mini Abismo Negro and Drago. The final big star mystery luchador is to be named nearer the time.

    Four Mini-Estrellas (mini-stars), as well as glamorous and diamond-hard female Luchadoras Sexy Star and Faby Apache, are also set to compete in the iconic Hall, all under the watchful eye of respected referee Steve Lynskey.

  • Schedule

    Match 1

    Mini luchadores:
    Blue Demoncito & Octagoncito
    Mini Histeria & Mini Abismo

    Match 2

    A top level mano a mano featuring two of Mexico’s highest flyers:
    Pentagon Jr


    Live music from Bostich & Fussible

    Match 3

    Female luchadoras:
    Sexy Star & Drago
    Faby Apache & Bengala

    Match 4

    The Main Event – three on three:
    Blue Demon Jr. & La Parka & Psycho Clown
    Texano Jr. & Villano 4 & Hijo del Fantasma