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Experience Alfred Hitchcock’s The Ring (1927) with live piano accompaniment by Neil Brand.

Before Raging Bull there was the original boxing movie The Ring (1927) – one of the earliest Alfred Hitchcock films to showcase the famous director’s now instantly recognisable directorial style.

Upon release, The Bioscope called it the most magnificent British film ever made. The Ring is the only Hitchcock film where Hitchcock himself wrote the script, and the story centres around a classic love triangle – a woman trapped between prize fighting suitors. Jack is at the top of his boxing game, but his newest challenger is more interested by his pretty fiancée than he is to get into the ring with the champ! The ultimate conflict of jealousy ensues…

Beautifully showcasing 1920s London and boasting a grand finale fight scene taking place at the Royal Albert Hall, The Ring will provide a great night of entertainment enhanced by Neil Brand’s brilliant piano accompaniment.

Recognised as the ‘doyen of silent film pianists’, Neil Brand has been accompanying silent films for nearly 30 years and is considered one of the finest exponents of improvised silent film accompaniment in the world. He recently presented the BBC4 series Sound of Song, hot on the heels of his previous series for BBC Four, the highly acclaimed Sound of Cinema.

Food & Drink in the Elgar Room

As well as it’s usual offering of drinks and nibbles, the Elgar Room will be paying homage to Hitchcock in the form of a very special cocktail. The vintage inspired French 75, contain’s No.3 gin, sugar syrup, lemon juice and Berry’s champagne. It will be available to purchase on the night.

Also available will be popcorn and ice cream.