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Prince Albert’s vision was to create a Hall for the nation. Since its opening, our extraordinary venue has borne witness to, and played a central part in, seismic cultural and social change. The interests, manners and social mores of the people may have changed, but this beautiful building and what it represents remains the same a century-and-a-half later: a meeting place, a reflection of contemporary Britain, and a home for exhilarating events.

Closing our doors has forced us to reflect; when we open them again to celebrate our 150th year, we want you to join us, to be there with us for the next generation defining moments and the once-in-a-lifetime live experiences. This year of celebrations will include major commissions from British artists, headline performances from musical legends, and a series of showcases promoting the next generation of talent. We don’t want to stop here, we have much more history to make.