How long have you worked at the Hall?

I joined the Hall in January 2020 – the giant Christmas tree was still up outside!

What do you do there?

I work in the Marketing team as Digital Communications Assistant. Some of you are probably thinking “what on Earth does that mean?”; basically I work on our email communication with our audience and across the website as well.

What’s it like working at the Hall?

One thing is for sure, no day is the same. One minute Cirque Du Soleil are flying through water features, the next Bryan Ferry is warming up on stage. The diversity of the programme makes the job incredibly interesting. It also feels like one of the most rewarding jobs you can do. Whenever someone visits the Hall, you can instantly see their day has been made. The Hall has this special effect on anyone that visits and that is a pleasure to see on a daily basis.

Your most memorable Hall moment?

This is definitely a tie between performing at the Last Night of the Proms and nearly getting run over by Stephen Hawking at the Interstellar premiere… but that’s a story for another time! Before I even knew I would be working at the Hall, I had the opportunity to perform with the BBC Symphony Chorus at the Last Night of the Proms in 2019. It doesn’t get much more special than that for a singer. Dressed up, flag in hand, and what made it even more special was having my family in the audience. It was because of them that I took up singing so it felt poignant for them to be there. And I mean, who doesn’t love belting our Auld Land Syne at the top of your lungs whilst covered in confetti?!

Lauren in front of the Royal Albert Hall

Favourite event at the Hall?

The Harry Potter screenings with live orchestra. I went to the first one back in 2016 with my best friend from university, and we have continued to go to all of them ever since. We can’t wait to see the final four!

Most surprising thing about the Hall?

I thought I knew everything about the Hall but one of the most surprising things I learned when I started working there was the extent of the shows beyond the main stage. When you think about the Hall you think about the amazing main auditorium, but the Hall puts on around 800 events beyond that main stage each year including Late Night Jazz evenings and does outreach work in care homes.

What does the Hall mean to you?

Before you roll your eyes when I say “It’s a dream come true to work at the Hall”, it really is. It’s an institution I have dreamt about working at and I feel lucky to work there everyday. My first ever concert was at the Royal Albert Hall, and not only did that concert influence my love of music for the rest of my life, it also influenced where I wanted to work as I vowed that one day, I would work in that incredible place. Dreams really do come true (don’t roll those eyes ok!).

Describe the Hall in one word


Lauren in front of the Royal Albert Hall

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