This October, legendary composers David Arnold and Michael Giacchino face off in the film score battle of the year!

You can expect an evening of award-winning film and TV music interspersed with tongue-in-cheek banter from the pair live on stage. Check out our playlist to get a taste of the show this way.

We recently caught up with the two screen music legends to ask them some burning questions about their likes and dislikes and thoughts on each other’s compositions. Watch and read below:

The “nice” Q&A

Favourite movie theme by your opponent:

Michael Giacchino: Not technically a movie, but Sherlock! His theme really captures the balance of suspense and comedy in that show.
David Arnold: Up because it has the spirit of the whole story in one piece of music.

Favourite action scene track by your opponent:

MG: African Rundown from Casino Royale. That scene at the construction site is insane!
DA: 100 Mile Dash from The Incredibles “must go faster, must go faster!”

Favourite romantic song by your opponent:

MG: City of Lovers! It completely embodies the Bond duality between romance and danger/tragedy.
DA: Crossing the Marigold Bridge from Coco. A beautiful film with a beautiful heart and the music was all these things.

Favourite epic sci-fi tune by your opponent:

MG: The President’s Speech from Independence Day because it’s EPIC!
DA: The Star Trek Theme – it’s so hard to find something new when a theme has made its home in your heart and mind for such a long time, as Alexander Courage and Jerry Goldsmith’s themes have proven. But Michael’s new theme gave us a new one that belonged to and defined the new era.

The one song your opponent composed that you wish you had:

MG: You Know My Name from Casino Royale – it fits that opening sequence so well!
DA: I’d go back to Up because it felt about as perfect a piece as you could hope for in the film that it played such a huge part in.

Friday 18 October

Eighteen classic scores. Two sensational screen composers. One incredible night. Join us for an evening of award-winning film and TV music from legendary composers, David Arnold and Michael Giacchino!

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