Across six days, 129 technicians worked around the clock to prepare our main auditorium for the arrival of Cirque du Soleil’s OVO.

Music: Cirque du Soleil – Carimbo da Creatura from OVO

The cast and crew of OVO travel with 23 trucks and over 700 cases, containing everything needed to transform our main auditorium into an enormous circus.

It took almost a week to transform this Victorian concert hall into a circus arena in time for OVO’s two-month residency of acrobatics, music, costumes, and jaw-dropping stunts.

Aside from the excitement of crazy crickets and flying moths, the auditorium show features over 100 moving lights, over 100 surround-sound speakers, and uniquely complex staging process.

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After building a 2m raised floor over the arena, the team had to build and lift the 22,000lb acrobatic grid to a height of 50ft, construct a 225 panel-piece stage, and raise the largest element of the set – the Wall. Set against the rear of the stage, this impressive 60 ft by 20 ft climbing Wall is where the show’s unforgettable finale takes place.

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Finally, before every performance we need to inflate the massive egg, measuring 28 ft wide by 22 ft tall. Now we’re ready for the show!

Sunday 7 January – Sunday 11 February 2018
Crawling with fun, OVO is a non-stop riot of energy and movement featuring many of Cirque du Soleil’s mind-blowing signature acts including a stunning 14m high flying trapeze act – the biggest of its kind!