Last month, we partnered with Talenthouse to give visual artists from around the world the chance to design artwork for Christmas at the Royal Albert Hall, 2018.

The competition received a huge array of submissions, from hundreds of artists around the world, with over 330 individual works in nearly every style.

We were looking for new, captivating artwork that celebrates the Christmas spirit and the iconic elements and characteristics of the Royal Albert Hall, and have selected three works that especially stood out.

Our Selected Artist is Breitner Arango, from Colombia.

Louise Halliday, Head of Marketing and Communications, said “We chose Breitner’s piece because his work balances simplicity with Christmas magic, and uses emotive festive elements while building on the Hall’s identity and image. The design is also adaptable to a variety of digital and physical formats, and manages to convey the emotion we were looking for in a modern and refreshing style.”

Breitner will have the thrill of seeing his work adapted into the posters and adverts for the 2018 Christmas season at the Royal Albert Hall.

Breitner Arango, Colombia

Talenthouse competition winner Breitner Arango

We also chose two finalists, Darya Shnykina, from Russia, and Maryna Gargai, from Ukraine.

Darya Shnykina, Russia

Talenthouse competition finalist Darya Shnykina

‘The process of creating this artwork was a wonderful, even magical time for me. I really tried to bring the special Christmas atmosphere into it. And though it was late august, I could really feel the snow falling outside. I finished this submission with the warmest feeling of affection and was very glad to become a finalist!’
Darya Shnykina

Maryna Gargai, Ukraine

Talenthouse competition finalist Maryna Gargai

Music boxes have always gave me magical impressions and feelings of cosiness and warmth. Considering that the Hall is an incredibly beautiful, world-famous concert hall, I thought there would also be semantic content in such an image. I was enjoying every moment of painting it and working on all these details!’
Maryna Gargai

The finalists and winner join a nearly 150 year history of artistic commissions, acquisitions, and exhibitions at the Hall, from Dutch masters to British graffiti artists, via Pablo Picasso, Sir Peter Blake, Miles Davis, and artwork from 1960s psychedelia to interwar nationalism.

In 1937, Pablo Picasso designed the programme cover for a mass rally in opposition to General Franco and the Nationalist Army, while in 2014, the ‘Godfather of British Pop Art’ Sir Peter Blake unveiled a specially-commissioned mural entitled Appearing at the Royal Albert Hall.

Two of the Hall’s most iconic artistic features were created through commissions that involved technical and artistic innovation – the 5,200 square foot mosaic frieze The Triumph of Arts and Letters, and the Loading Bay graffiti collage LOAD.

While the frieze was created in 1867 by seven distinguished members of the Royal Academy of the Arts, LOAD was a 2009 project by some of the UK’s best young graffiti artists. Both works embody the Hall’s remit of sponsoring and leading modern arts and science.

The global artist community of Talenthouse has now allowed the Hall to extend this legacy of pioneering artwork, by opening its doors to submissions from artists around the world.

Congratulations to the winners!