This year our new Young Producers scheme is giving 18 to 25-year-olds the chance to curate their own mini-series of events at the Royal Albert Hall.

Our 11 prospective programmers are learning more about the teams that work at the Royal Albert Hall, and starting to plan their own programme of events for 2018.

We’ve been getting to know three members of our new Young Producers team, Rory, Anna and Rebecca.

Anna (21), has just graduated from Goldsmiths University of London studying Popular Music. She splits her time between making music and working for NX Records, an independent record label based in New Cross.


I saw Flyte at Scala. This band to me feel like a modern day mix between The Beach Boys and The Beatles with the most incredible live harmonies

What excites you about the Young Producers programme?

ANNA: Meeting a bunch of other young people who are passionate about the arts and the freedom to organise something innovative and creative in such a prestigious space!

RORY: There’s a lot to be excited by! Sinking my teeth into a more creative role at the Hall is a major plus. The venue has such a varied history – not many venues can say they’ve had sumo wrestling, ballroom championships, Cirque Du Soleil and the Spice Girls all under the same roof. The idea that we’ll have a hand in adding to that bill is incredible. Having had a few sessions with all the other Young Producers its fair to say that we’re a diverse group with a huge number of different skills and talents. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone even better and seeing our events come to life is going to be really special.

REBECCA: The process of concept to launch excites me, the ultimate reward being a successful, well received event. Being able to achieve this at such an iconic venue with a group of like-minded, highly-talented people who all have something different to offer leaves me eager to get stuck in and see what together we are able to create.
I really enjoy being part of a team where I am able to brainstorm and develop ideas. This program does exactly that, which in turn will also help me improve on my confidence and interpersonal skills.

Rebecca (20), is a second year Music and Live Event Management student studying at Bucks New University.


I am a singer-songwriter. I sing, play saxophone and guitar. I also enjoy hosting my own radio show at the University on Tuesday evenings.
Other hobbies include yoga, walking (in particular dogs walks) and tea-drinking.

Young Producers (c) Andy Paradise

Rory (24) is a steward at the Hall. He presents two radio shows, works in promotions and events for two commercial radio stations and is currently working on making his own podcast, Pop ‘Til You Drop


I saw Years & Years at Oval Space in Hackney for a special benefit concert for Dean Eastmond, a young journalist who sadly died of cancer.


What could have been a very sombre evening turned out to be a very special and memorable night filled with drag queens, impassioned speeches, glitter, cheap drinks, a Joni Mitchell cover, and the best British pop band of the last few years celebrating life. What’s not to love?!

Why did you want to get involved with the Royal Albert Hall Young Producers scheme?

RORY: Who wouldn’t want to be involved in programming a series of events in one of the world’s most iconic music venues?! Having already worked in Royal Albert Hall as part of the Front of House team I felt as though the time was right for me to see the building from another point of view. I couldn’t help but be inspired by all the great events I’ve seen take place here and wanted to put my own stamp on things.

ANNA: I wanted to get involved with Young Producers scheme because it is a fantastic opportunity to learn and gain hands on experience at organising and running an event on a large scale.
I am currently starting out on what I hope will be a long career in connection to the arts and this opportunity is an amazing scheme that gives support to young people aspiring to be in this field.

REBECCA: As a Live Music and Events Management student the Young Producers scheme really grabbed my attention. My ultimate career ambition would be to run my own successful live music venue where I could showcase aspiring new artists.
It is an invaluable opportunity for me to be accepted on to this scheme. Working in the prestigious Royal Albert Hall and being mentored by experts from the creative industries is the gold standard in training for my career.