This October, Tcha Limberger’s captivating voice and violin will fill the Elgar Room with the Laments, csárdás and szaporas from the Transylvanian region of Kalotaszeg.

Accompanied by two of the highest-regarded folk musicians of modern times – Berki Viktor on bass, and Toni Rudi on brač (a long-necked lute hailing from Eastern Europe), Tcha’s take on modern Hungarian music will fuse virtuosic violin with gypsy, ragtime, flamenco, and Hungarian tradition.

Showing off his breadth of influences, Tcha has compiled an exclusive playlist for the Hall – bridging folk music, Louis Armstrong, and Papua New Guinean flute:

Sunday 15 October 2017
Hear the best folk musicians on the European scene, led by the beautiful voice and violin playing of Tcha Limberger.

‘The polymath virtuoso Tcha Limberger is the king of gypsy music’
Sunday Times