In celebration of our upcoming screening of The Addams Family in Concert, we invited Stomp-style body percussionist group Beat Goes On to dress up as their favourite Addams Family members and showcase their unique interpretation of the film’s theme tune in and around our building.

Dr Kelly Jakubowski from the Department of Music at Durham University has commented on the infectiousness of the theme tune: “Music and movement are closely linked in the brain so that hearing the famous ‘click’ drives people to actually click along with the music. Our research into music perception has shown that moving along to a song can result in an even greater earworm.”

Dr Jakubowski continues: “Regardless of an individual’s musical background, the majority of people can click their fingers along to music. The Addams Family theme tune therefore appeals to people across many backgrounds and generations. The strong audience participation as they click along to the theme tune, makes it hugely popular as it connects to our evolutionary roots in which music making was an activity the whole community was involved in.”

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Lucy Noble, Artistic and Commercial Director at the Royal Albert Hall, says: “We are particularly excited to screen The Addams Family as it’s a timeless classic that can be enjoyed by everyone. Parents who watched it as youngsters will enjoy the show, as will their children today. To celebrate we have created a video that will have everyone clicking along and excited for the show. So come and experience your favourite movie – and its infamous theme tune – in an all-new way!”

The Addams Family in Concert will be screened on Thursday 26 October. Guests are invited to come dressed in ghoulish attire and click along to the spooky family hit!