This live blog will be updated throughout the morning of Saturday 13 May to share updates, your comments and little snippets of Proms history, hopefully helping you pass the time while you sit in our waiting room as you wait to buy tickets for the world’s greatest classical music festival.

We’ll share updates throughout the morning so you will know which Proms have sold out, as well as any tips to help you speed up the booking process for you and everyone else.

This page will automatically refresh every two minutes.

2:16pm – Fin

In conclusion, the following Proms are sold out:
Proms 1, 2, 5, 8, 14, 21, 27, 45 and 74
Chamber Proms: 1, 4, 7, 8

This means there are plenty of Proms tickets are still available though – see here, and you can turn up on the day and get a standing ticket to pretty much any concert for just six of your British pounds.

Again, we’re very sorry for the queuing issues which affected a small but not insignificant number of people and are urgently looking into how we can prevent this from happening again in the future.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. Over and out.

1:35pm – Box Office through the ages

Here’s what our Box Office looked like in the 1950s. Suave:

1950s RAH box office)

And now the 1980s. Suaver:

1980s RAH box office)

1:24pm – What’s sold out?

Proms 1, 2, 5, 8, 14, 21, 27, 45 and 74
Chamber Proms: 1, 4, 7, 8

Meanwhile hundreds of people dressed as wizards have turned up for the Harry Potter screening. Never a dull day.

1:07pm – FAKE NEWS!

There are still plenty of tickets available for most of the Proms. Some of these phony reports that we’ve completely sold out are fake news. Sad!

12:45pm – Another old Proms picture

1944 Prom)

Here’s one from the First Night of the Proms in 1944. ‘I wish this place had some kind of online ticketing system’, ponders Joyce, bottom right.

12:42pm More sold out things

Proms 5, 21 and 27 all sold now too.

12:31pm Selecting your own seat

Our website’s usual thing that lets you pick a specific seat has been turned off for all Proms events today in order to help process bookings faster. It’ll be switched on again at some point early next week.

12:26pm – What’s gone?

Nothing left to book for Proms 1, 2, 8, 14, 45 and 74; Chamber Music Proms 1, 4, 7 and 8.

We’re running low on tickets for Prom 21, Prom 27 and coffee.

12:05pm – Not Sorry.

I’m getting a lot of abuse for that Cadogone pun. Expecting an email from HR any minute…

11:55am – Going, Going Cadogone

There are eight Proms at the Cadogan Hall this year. Of these, Chamber Music Proms 1, 4, 7 and 8 have now sold out.

11:31am – Prom 45 also sold out. What’s left?

In short – loads are left.

If you’re still queuing for tickets to Proms 1, 2, 8, 14, 45 and 74 then unfortunately you’re not going to be successful.

If you’re after tickets to Proms 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 … etc etc … 71, 72, 73 then there’s still hope.

11:28am Totally legit

We’ve checked and the guy in the photo below with the mini satellite ray gun thing definitely knew what he was doing. Honest.

11:20am More acoustics stuff

acoustic testing)

As you can see, some real cutting edge kit was used when we started fixing our aforementioned acoustics problem.

11:07am – Proms 1, 2 and 74 Sold Out

Again, we say ‘Sold out’ but hundreds will be available on the day. We’ll repeat this a lot over the coming months.

10:59am – Proms 8 and 14 Sold Out

As expected, Johns Williams and Wilson were the first to go.

Sorry to those of you who missed out, although you can still get standing tickets on the day for a grand total of £6.

Learn more

10:50am – A lesson in acoustics

1944 Proms)

Before we installed our mushrooms in the late 1960s we tried some pretty weird looking solutions to help solve the acoustic problems in the auditorium. Above is what the stage looked like in 1944.

‘The acoustics have been transformed… the famous echo has become past history’, wrote BBC Music controller Sir William Glock in the 1969 Proms guide… guide… guide… ide… ide… ide…

10:41am – Rain. Queues. So British.

Plenty of umbrellas up for the people queuing up here in person.

Keep calm, etc!

10:15am – Nothing is yet sold out

That’s the good news here for all of you queuing.

Prom 8 (John Williams) is getting pretty close, however.

10am – One hour in

Loads of tickets have gone in the first hour and fortunately our site is working as expected for the majority of users.

Unfortunately a small but not insignificant number of people are getting stuck in the same place in the queue. We’re urgently looking into why this is happening and to see if we can fix it, but for now we recommend you refresh the page if you’re one of the unlucky ones.

This will almost certainly mean you’ll drop down the queue, however it’s the only way it’ll start moving again.

We’re know this isn’t great and are very sorry for this issue.

9:40am – The Man who Saved The Prom

Patrick McCarthy)

One from the archives for you while you wait…

Audience member Patrick McCarthy made one of the most remarkable Royal Albert Hall debuts of all time when he rescued a Prom during the 1974 season.

Read his fascinating story here

9:30am – Stuck at the same queue place?

A couple of you are getting stuck at the same place in the online queue. We advise that you refresh your browser if you’ve been stuck for a few minutes.

Apologies as this may well send you down the queue, however it’s the only way that’ll stop you from being stuck.

It’s a problem affecting a small number of users so please Tweet us with the browser and device you’re using so we can investigate.

9:23am – An old photo

Here’s a pic of Prommers queuing up for tickets in 1974. Flares. So many flares.

jpg(alt text)

9:18am – @GoldRosie knows

We all love a queue:

Appreciate that some of you are still yet to be able to join. Do keep trying and you will get through eventually, honest!

9:16am – Most planned Proms revealed

We can reveal the five most ‘planned’ Proms. If you’ve added these to your plan then be aware that demand is out-stripping supply. We’ll do it in countdown form to add to the drama…

  • 5. Prom 5, with the BBC NOW’s programme of Sibelius, Rachmaninov and Shostakovich
  • 4. Prom 74 featuring Michael Tilson Thomas and the Vienna Philharmonic
  • 3. Prom 2 – Barenboim. Staatskapelle. ‘Nuff said.
  • 2. Prom 14 and John Wilson’s return to the Proms. Always a popular one!
  • 1. The most popular one, by quite some distance, is Prom 8 – the John Williams Celebration. That’s what happens when you write the Star Wars score I guess…

9:12am – Record breaking

This year saw a record-breaking number of Proms Plans made. Our previous record of 25,000 plans (back in 2013) was surpassed on Thursday.

9:06am – Good internetting

With so many people on our site it’s sadly inevitable that there will be a handful of users who encounter technical problems.

You can help avoid being one of those by ensuring your browser is up to date. If you are using Internet Explorer 8 then you’re going to face real issues so do make sure you update ASAP.

If you’re using a mobile/tablet device then being on a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection is very important if you want our online queuing system to like you.

9:02am – Can’t join the queue?

We know it’s not very British but for a short while it’s possible that not everyone will be able to join our queue.

We’re going to slowly increase the number of people who can sit in our online queue so you will be able to join it eventually.

The important thing is that you don’t sit refreshing the ‘queue is full’ page as that’ll get you nowhere – just keep going back to the previous page and try and try again.

9:00am – Booking is now open!

Tickets for all Proms at the Royal Albert Hall (except Last Night) and Cadogan Hall are now on sale.

If you’ve made a Proms Plan then you can submit it by clicking here. If you haven’t then you can still book tickets as normal by browsing the full season here.

We’ve got a lot of people trying to book already, so do be prepared to join our waiting room.

We’ll try to answer as many queries as we can on Twitter so do get in touch with us via @RoyalAlbertHall