The practice of ‘Promming’ is an essential part of the Proms, and a unique tradition as old as the concerts themselves. Since the very first ever Proms concerts in 1895, Promenaders have embraced the experience of queuing for cheap standing tickets for the evening’s concert.

What is Promming?

Some 1,350 standing (‘Promming’) are released on the day for every one of the BBC Proms concerts. This means that even if it looks like your favourite concert is sold out, you still have a very good chance of getting a ticket!

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Day Promming at the Royal Albert Hall


A limited number of Promming tickets will be available to purchase online between 9am-12pm on the day of each concert, with the exception of selected Proms which will be available to purchase from 9am on the day before the concerts.

A limited number of Promming tickets for the Relaxed Prom (Prom 24) will be available from 9am on Monday 5 August.

Tickets are limited to one per person (or four per person for the selected Proms) and will be subject to a booking fee of 2% of the total value plus £1 per ticket.

These e-tickets are available for every Prom at the Royal Albert Hall (except the Last Night) and must be printed at home, or presented as a PDF on your smartphone and give guaranteed entry to the concert (subject to a suitable entry point for any latecomers).

To buy these tickets, please visit the Prom event page on the day of the concert for details of how to book.

What time should i start queuing?

If you’re planning on queuing for a ticket in person, we recommend that you arrive at the Hall as early as you can to secure a place in the queue. For the most popular concerts, and to secure a Promming spot close to the stage, people will begin queuing before 12pm, but for most concerts you can still get a ticket even if you race out of work at 5pm.

This year we are operating a queue numbering system so that you do not have to stand in the queue all day. When you arrive at the Royal Albert Hall, ask a member of staff for a queue number and check when you need to be back in the queue. Then you are free to take a tour of the Hall, explore South Kensington, or central London.

Queuing for Late Night concerts typically starts after 5pm.

Promming Dos and Don’ts

Come prepared for the queue. Even if you’re only in the queue for a short time before doors open, bring food and water, a book, a cushion, and don’t be shy about talking to your neighbours – no promises, but firm friendships and even marriages are made in the Promming queue every year.

Forget your umbrella, coat, suncream, waterproofs, sunglasses, scarf… this is England – who knows what the weather might throw at you!

Where do I queue?

The Promming queues snake around the building and down the Queen Elizabeth II Steps – but which one to join? The separate queues for Arena and Galley Prommers are signposted, and our stewards are always around to point you in the right direction.

Feel free to leave the queue. When you join the queue you will be given a raffle ticket which allows you to leave the queue. Explore the area, attend a Proms Plus event at Imperial College or join a tour of the Hall. Just make sure you’re back in line by the time the doors open!

Attempt to infiltrate a Promming spot – queue-jumping is a real no-no! Tickets are unreserved and sold as one per person, so arriving early is the only way to ensure the best Promming spots in the Arena or Gallery. Your raffle ticket does not guarantee a place inside the auditorium, it just guarantees your place in the queue before you get in.

Arena or Gallery?

There are two Promming areas in the Royal Albert Hall – the Arena (on the floor, right in front of the stage) and the Gallery (running around the top of the Hall, offering great views of the auditorium). These areas are highlighted below:

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Worry about a dress code – there isn’t one! You can come as fancy or casual as you like, although we recommend wearing comfortable shoes – you’re going to be standing for a long time!

Once you are in the Arena or Gallery, simply turn off any mobile devices, enjoy the concert and be respectful of other audience members. If their feet get tired, Prommers are known to sit on the floor (or even lie down at quieter concerts).

Please don’t bring flags to any Prom except the Last Night – you’ll only block the view of your fellow Prommers.

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Any more questions? Tweet us, give our Box Office a call on 020 7589 8212, or talk to one of our friendly Stewards around the Hall.

See you in the queue!