One of the finest items in our Archive collections is a specially-commissioned framed photograph, showing the Titanic Band Memorial Concert.

This print was donated to the Royal Albert Hall by Theo Batty, who organised the concert in 1912, but time had taken its toll on this wonderful piece of Hall history. The photographs of the conductors and orchestra were dislodged, the backboard was flaking away and the frame was in desperate need of some TLC.

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BEFORE: The photograph was badly damaged from years of deterioration

The event, which took place at the Royal Albert Hall 40 days after Titanic sank, was arranged to raise money for the families of the bandsmen who famously continued playing as the ship went down.

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CONSERVATION: The extensive process included removing 105-year-old glue and splats of white paint.

The responsibility for rescuing the item fell to the artist and conservator Keith Holmes, who managed to undo years of deterioration and restored the piece to its former glory.

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AFTER: The conservation process has recaptured how the stunning item would have looked in 1912.

The fully restored commemorative photograph is a fitting tribute to one of the finest fundraising concerts held at the Royal Albert Hall.