The space between the Royal Albert Hall’s roof and the auditorium ceiling is used by technical teams to lower and raise lighting rigs, hang acoustic equipment and adjust the height of the Hall’s iconic acoustic ‘mushrooms’.

The glazed roof creates something of a greenhouse environment for those working there, with temperatures towards the top area having hit up to 50°c in summers past.

Royal Albert Hall roof

Such heat puts off even the most ambitious of sauna enthusiasts – but not Busted.

This morning the English pop heroes took to the ‘corona’, the vent in the centre of the Hall’s ceiling, to tease an announcement for their first headline show at the venue on 17 October 2017.

Charlie Simpson led bandmates Matt Willis and James Bourne up the ladder to the roof, before making their way through the roof in the middle of a London heatwave.

Busted's Charlie Simpson climbs the roof of the Royal Albert Hall

After assurances from our Health and Safety guy that the corona could take the weight of three adults (it was worth checking), the brave boys posed for a quick snap for their social media channels, with only a wire mesh separating them from the arena floor 35m below:

Can anyone guess where we are? Livestream on at at 1:30pm

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Many eagle-eyed fans correctly identified the venue as the Hall, although there were several suggestions that the boys were in the Crystal Maze – something I think we should definitely make happen…

A quick Facebook live post later and it was confirmed – Busted were returning to the Hall for their first ever headline show at the venue!

Tickets for this special one-off night on 17 October 2017 go on sale later this week and are sure to sell out fast, so join them back on more stable footings this autumn.