At last! A piece on our site for the petrol heads…

John Lennon’s psychedelic 1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V (well, a replica!) parked up outside the Hall the other day ahead of the Hall’s Summer of Love: Revisited series.

We couldn’t resist taking a few snaps of this iconic piece of music history, the original of which was customised by the legendary Beatle only a few years before he sang ‘Imagine no possession’.

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“I always wanted to be an eccentric millionaire”, said Lennon in an early Beatles biography, and this spectacular car certainly lived up to that wish.

The original car was auctioned for $2.3m in the 1980s, making it the most expensive car in history, and is currently on display at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Canada.

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We’ll leave you with this TV piece from the 1960s. Groovy, baby:

Pictures by Andy Paradise, 2017

Summer of Love: Revisited

Fifty years after the Summer of Love, rediscover the freedom and rebellion of a pivotal moment in cultural history.

In this series of talks, screenings and performances held in the Hall’s Elgar Room, we celebrate the iconic artists and creative minds so strongly linked with the building’s history, who together pushed pop culture to its limits.

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