On 6 November 2016, James Cameron’s 1986 science-fiction action horror film Aliens was given the film-with-orchestra treatment at the Royal Albert Hall, attended by the film’s stars.

With the highly acclaimed and award-winning film screened on an immense 20 metre screen, and James Horner’s memorable score performed live by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, conducted by Ludwig Wicki, the audience of some 7,500 enjoyed one of the best movie-going experiences of their lives.

Fear, excitement, tears and cheers – take a look at this incredible night through the audience’s tweets and pictures:

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Aliens Live managed to capture the same awe and wonder that I had the first time I saw it… For someone who has easily seen this film 500+ times it was amazing to have the film feel fresh and new again. Both impressive and immersive, this is the pinnacle of movie watching.’
Kat Hughes, The Hollywood News

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These screenings marked the world premiere of the Aliens’ screening with live orchestral accompaniment and coincided with celebrations for its 30th anniversary.

In a surprise twist, the evening performance was attended by star of the film Sigourney Weaver, director James Cameron and Aliens producer Gale Anne Hurd who joined conductor Ludwig Wicki and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on stage, to pay tribute to the late composer James Horner and take a final bow, much to the audience’s excitement.

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