In April 2016, science, art and music were melded in extraordinary fashion when our Albertopolis neighbour the Science Museum hosted an flash mob of Royal College of Music players. There has never been a more appropriate setting to hear Holst’s intergalactic masterpiece The Planets than beside the Apollo 10 command module in the Museum’s own Making the Modern World gallery!

The performance is a testament to the vision of Prince Albert, who planned the Albertopolis complex which covers the area of South Kensington from the V&A and Natural History Museum to the Royal Albert Hall, and a celebration of the ideas and understandings of art, music, science and history that have thrived within these institutions.

Hear Holst’s masterwork in full, performed by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, accompanied by images and films from NASA on a 24-foot screen, here on 24 June 2016.

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