The practice of Promming is an essential part of the Proms, and a unique tradition as old as the concerts themselves. Since the very first First Night of the Proms ever, on 10 August 1895, Promenaders have embraced the experience of queuing for cheap standing tickets for the evening’s concert.

Evening-long friends, life-long friendships, relationships and even marriages have been made in the Promming queue, where the concert-goers develop a unique sense of comradery. This remarkable image shows young Prommers queuing for the First Night concert of the season in the 1960s:

Although Prommers are encouraged to bring refreshments to the Promming queue today, we don’t recommend copying 18-year-old Rosemary Parker from Redditch’s behavior on July 19, 1968! After camping over night for the concert, the ever resourceful Rosemary whipped up a batch of tea and freshly cooked bacon for her fellow Prommers using the transportable stove she brought along!