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Hiring the Royal Albert Hall

Our world-famous auditorium has hosted iconic events since opening in 1871 and is available for hire by commercial promoters and event organisers.

Availability is very limited and all event enquiries should provide full information as follows:

  • Event content: Full content and production details for the event. Who are the attendees, performers or speakers taking part?
  • Promoter details: Who is the event promoter? We mainly work with UK promoters – please provide details of the promoter’s previous events in the UK or elsewhere, including artists/dates/venues/sales for each.
  • Previous events: Details of the performer’s previous UK headline events, again including dates/venues/sales for each.
  • Marketing plan: Full details of your marketing plan, including aspects such as poster/flyer print runs, specific distribution lists, media/PR partners, etc. as well as a total marketing budget figure.
  • Ticket prices: Proposed ticket prices for the event.

In support of other registered charities within the community, we offer a limited number of charity lettings each year, where a reduction of the rental fee may apply.

Please note the Royal Albert Hall cannot be hired for birthdays or weddings.

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Event spaces

With a broad selection of event spaces outside the main auditorium, the Hall is the ideal venue to host daytime meetings or bespoke evening functions with capacities from 12 to 500 people.

Our experienced and dedicated team can arrange all aspects of your event and ensure you receive a first class experience in an iconic setting. Required information for event space requests is as follows:

  • Event Content: Is the event a meeting, presentation, reception, etc.? How will the room need to be set up? Who is attending?
  • Event Organiser: Who is running the event and have they run similar events previously? Is an agency involved?
  • Number of attendees
  • Preferred date(s): Providing a range of date options will greatly increase our ability to accommodate your event.

Please note the Royal Albert Hall cannot provide commission to agents.

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