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Tickets not available? Don’t give up!

A BBC Proms concert at the Royal Albert Hall is never ‘sold out’ before the day because for each Prom up to 1,350 standing, or ‘Promming’ places are available in the Arena and Gallery on the day. A limited number of these tickets are released online in the morning and the rest are sold in person when the doors open. If you arrive early enough on the day of the concert, you have a very good chance of getting in.

Please note, if you are a regular prommer, queuing will operate differently this year, see below for details.

Promming is an essential part of the character of the BBC Proms and a great British tradition, and allows you to enjoy world-class performances for just £6.

Arena or Gallery?

There are two Promming areas in the Royal Albert Hall – the Arena (on the floor, right in front of the stage) and the Gallery (running around the top of the Hall, offering great views of the auditorium). These areas are highlighted below:

Standing Promming areas highlighted. Original photo: Paul Sanders, 2015

Buying tickets


A limited number of Promming tickets will be available to purchase online between 9am-12pm on the day of each concert (or the day before for Proms 11 and 12), with the exception of Prom 19 which will go on sale on Friday 12 May.

Tickets are limited to one per person (or four per person for Proms 11, 12 and 19) and will be subject to a booking fee of 2% of the total value plus £1 per ticket.

These e-tickets are available for every Prom at the Royal Albert Hall (except the Last Night) and must be printed at home, or presented as a PDF on your smartphone and give guaranteed entry to the concert (subject to a suitable entry point for any latecomers).

To buy these tickets, please visit the Prom event page on the day of the concert for details of how to book.

On the night

All remaining Promming tickets will be sold to people queuing on the day. Tickets are £6 each, limited to one per person, and can be purchased with cash or contactless payment card as the queue enters the building (one hour before each concert and 30 minutes before Late Night Proms).

We also usually sell a few earlier in the afternoon to the front of the Arena day queue, just to speed things up when the doors open.

This year some queue locations and entry doors have changed, while the Royal Albert Hall undergoes the next phase of its development.

• The Arena Day queue will remain in its usual location on the Queen Elizabeth II Steps, alongside Imperial College.
• The queue for Arena Ticket Holders (those with season and weekend passes or who have bought tickets online that morning) will run down the centre of the Queen Elizabeth II Steps
• The Gallery Day queue will move onto the Steps alongside Albert Court
• The Gallery Ticket Holders queue will stay by Door 2, as in previous years.
• Both Arena queues will enter through Door 1 and both Gallery queues through Door 2

Stewards will be on hand to organise the queues and assist people through the correct entry doors, so don’t worry about remembering the finer details!

Promming tickets for disabled concert-goers

A limited number of seats will be available for reservation each day by ambulant disabled concert-goers who wish to Prom.

On arrival please ask a Steward (on duty from 9am) for a Seat Reservation Card along with your queue number. You can then leave the queue, returning in time for doors at which point you can purchase your ticket as Prommers begin to enter the Hall in queue order.

If you secure a Promming ticket with a Seat Reservation Card, a seat will have been reserved for you. The Gallery can accommodate up to four wheelchair users.

On arrival please ask a Steward for your queue number and then you can return in time for doors. Once you have purchased your ticket from Door 2 you will be assisted to enter via a ramped entrance.

Promming Etiquette

There are no official rules!

Some Prommers like to sit (or lie down!) at quieter concerts, and some have been known to read or knit. Please simply turn off any mobile devices, enjoy the concert and be respectful of other audience members and don’t hesitate to approach a Steward if you have any questions.