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Tickets not available? Don’t give up!

A BBC Proms concert at the Royal Albert Hall is never ‘sold out’ before the day because for each Prom up to 1,350 standing, or ‘Promming’ places are available in the Arena and Gallery on the day. If you arrive early enough on the day of the concert, you have a very good chance of getting in.

Promming is an essential part of the character of the BBC Proms and a great British tradition, and allows you to enjoy world-class performances for just £6.

Arena or Gallery?

There are two Promming areas in the Royal Albert Hall – the Arena (on the floor, right in front of the stage) and the Gallery (running around the top of the Hall, offering great views of the auditorium). These areas are highlighted below:

Standing Promming areas highlighted. Original photo: Paul Sanders, 2015

Buying tickets

New for 2016 – online sales

For the first time, a limited number of Promming tickets will be available to purchase online between 9am-12pm on the day of each concert (or the day before for Proms 10, 56 and 58). A limited number of Promming tickets for Late Night Proms will be available online from 9am-3pm on the day of each concert.

Tickets are limited to one per person (or four per person for Proms 10, 12, 56 and 58) and will be subject to a booking fee of 2% of the total value plus £1 per ticket.

These e-tickets are available for every Prom at the Royal Albert Hall (except the Last Night) and must be printed at home, or presented as a PDF on your smartphone and guarantee entry to the concert.

To buy these tickets, please visit the Prom event page on the day of the concert for details of how to book.

On the night

A limited number of Arena tickets will usually be sold to the front of the day queue from two and a half hours before the performance. The remaining tickets will then be sold from Door 11 (Arena) and Door 10 (Gallery) from 45 minutes before the performance to those queuing (30 minutes for Late Night Proms).

These tickets are £6 each and can be purchased with cash or contactless payment card. There is a limit of one ticket per person.

Wheelchair users who wish to Prom should queue in the same way but will be redirected to Door 8 once their ticket has been purchased.

Map showing where to queue for Promming tickets
There are separate queues for Arena and Gallery Day Prommers

Promming Etiquette

There are no official rules!

Some Prommers like to sit (or lie down!) at quieter concerts, and some have been known to read or knit… please just be respectful of other audience members and approach a steward if you have any questions.