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    Discover Music & Maths is an interactive workshop which uses music to gain a greater understanding of key mathematical principals.

    Linking directly to the Key Stage 2 curriculum, this 90 minute session will allow students to explore fractions, decimals, percentages, graphs and probability in a unique and fun environment and the students will leave having created their own piece of music using maths.

    Tickets for all of the upcoming Discover session events are fully booked.
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    The workshop was very well presented, offering the children an opportunity to explore music in a mathematical way. Very engaging and multi-sensory.
    Year 4 teacher

    The workshop was very accessible for all of our children as it was very visual and hands-on.
    Year 3 teacher

    The session leader was knowledgeable and passionate; the way in which math and music were related was new to many of them; the ending portion on probability was the winning component!
    Home Education group leader