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    To celebrate the premiere of Jaws in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall and the 20th anniversary of the Shark Trust, join shark expert Ali Hood for a special talk about the myths surrounding one of nature’s most feared killers

    Hollywood portrayal and media headlines have reinforced a stereotype of sharks over past decades, an image that has proven hard to shake. As Director of Conservation for the Shark Trust, Ali has spent over 15 years campaigning for shark conservation, often with a focus on the less charismatic and overlooked species, alongside headline issues such as shark finning and wildlife trade.

    With sharks and their relatives among the most threatened vertebrates on the planet, there has never been a more pressing time to turn the tide towards major conservation initiatives. In this context Ali will provide a personal perspective on the often surprising challenges that face sharks and those trying to safeguard their future.

    Ali Hood is a UK based marine conservation advocate with over 20 years’ experience. Currently the Director of Conservation for the Shark Trust, Ali has spent the last 15 years campaigning for shark finning regulations and effective fisheries management, while developing the Trust’s conservation portfolio and reputation as an effective and pragmatic conservation organisation.

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