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Approximate schedule:
5:00pm Restaurants and bars open
6:15pm Auditorium doors open
7:00pm Mozart’s Requiem
7:40pm Interval
9:00pm Ends

Mozart’s Requiem is one of the most popular of all choral works, with an intriguing history to add mystery to the music: Mozart, already a sick man, had illusions that he was writing the Requiem for himself! As many as 2,000 singers from The Really Big Chorus will perform this astonishingly powerful piece, full of fervour and passion. Other Mozart works on the programme include the much-loved Fourth Horn Concerto (immortalised by Flanders & Swann), and the sparkling overture to The Marriage of Figaro.

The soloist in the Horn Concerto is Ben Goldscheider, winner of the Brass Category Final in the 2016 BBC Young Musician Competition, and The Really Big Chorus will be joined by Jenny Stafford (soprano), Katie Coventry (mezzo-soprano), William Blake (tenor) and Ashley Riches (bass-baritone), accompanied by The English Festival Orchestra. The conductor is Brian Kay.

The Really Big Chorus is proud to support the British Heart Foundation, and all proceeds from programme sales, collections, sponsorship and advertising will benefit this prominent national charity.

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