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National Science and Engineering Week - March 2011

Mind the Gap

For a second year, Royal Albert Hall Learning & Participation in partnership with Y Touring Theatre Company staged a week long theatre residency as part of National Science & Engineering Week and Brain Awareness Week 2011.

This year the play, Mind the Gap, examined ethical questions posed by advances in neuroscience by exploring the lives of three disparate people who find themselves stranded on the deserted platform of an underground station.  Dino has pushed a girl in front of a passing tube train and his fractured psyche is soothed only by the drugs he takes and thoughts of escape; Vijay is the boyfriend left struggling with the trauma of the event and Maya is suffering from the onset of Alzheimers and is slowly descending into chaos.

This year one of the performances was filmed and screened in eight Picturehouse cinemas nationwide. Each screening was followed by a discussion with a leading scientist.


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(c) Belinda Lawley
(c) Belinda Lawley
(c) Belinda Lawley
(c) Belinda Lawley
(c) Belinda Lawley
(c) Belinda Lawley


Karl Queensborough
Anni Domingo
Patrick Myles
Nathan Bryon
Writer                                                  Abi Bown
Director                                               Nigel Townsend
Designer                                              Jaimie Todd

Royal Albert Hall
Chief Executive                                     Chris Cotton
Deputy Head of Learning & Participation  Debra Cougill
Technical Show Manager                        James Hirst
Elgar Event Co-ordinator                        Anthony Clements
Development Funding Manager               Jane Franklin
Learning & Participation Assistant            Helen Badham

Y Touring
Chief Executive                                     Rosi Prescott
Executive Director                                 Nigel Townsend
General Manager                                   Eleanor Lang
Tour Producer                                       David Jackson
Associate Director, Participation              Steven Byrne
Associate Director, Creative Learning      Boris Witzenfeld
Movement                                             Lyndsey Thomas

Mind the Gap was filmed and edited by See Thru Watch
The production has been developed in partnership with the Association of Medical Research Charities and funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Royal Albert Hall, Central YMCA and The Hobson Charity and is presented on screen in partnership with Picturehouse Cinemas and the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA).

Y Touring is an award winning theatre company that truly get to the heart of the matter by engaging young people emotionally and intellectually with outstanding drama:

How do you catch and hold the attention of restless teenagers? How do you interest anyone in the convolutions of science? How you do make exciting drama that is enthralling to watch? How do you explain the ethical dilemmas that affect our daily lives? How do you do all this without boring people to death? The answer is – uniquely – Y Touring.
Baroness Joan Bakewell, 2010

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Mind the Gap programme

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