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Technical Services

Technical Services

The Royal Albert Hall offers a variety of technical services as part of your hire, as well as additional options to enhance your event.


The hire of the auditorium includes a free open white stage wash. This is just a basic lighting state with which your show may be rehearsed and performed. Please note that no lighting operator is supplied and no specific cues (other than a simple lights-up and lights-down) can be performed.

open white stage wash

Using the Hall's extensive in-house stock of intelligent and generic lighting equipment as well as a skilled in-house design and support team, we can provide a first class service to enhance your event.

Should you require more than just an open-white wash for your event, you may wish to consider using the Hall's lighting services.


The Hall has 4 over-stage trusses permanently installed which cannot be removed, as well as an advance truss and a circular truss which sit over the auditorium. For improved stage acoustics, these trusses can have canopies fixed over stage between trusses 1 to 4. The Hall houses an extra 60 chain hoists that are permanently rigged over the stage. These are free of charge and are included with the venue hire. Extra rigging points or hoists that are not part of the permanent rig can be provided at additional cost.

Further information is available in the Technical Specification document. Please note that only designated Hall personnel are permitted to operate the motor control system.

The Hall is unable to provide any riggers to help fit up your show, however, your Technical Show Manager is trained and competent in rigging and is on hand to liaise with your contractors and oversee the work they do on site. Any rigging must be carried out in accordance with the Royal Albert Hall Rigging Code of Practice.


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Delta SoundThe Hall has a permanently installed PA system which is owned and operated by Delta Sound. This is a centre cluster type line-array which when not in use can be flown up to allow for other rigging and PA options.

For further information and pricing of PA services, please contact Delta Sound at

Further technical details can be found in the Technical Specification.

Audio Visual

SFL logo

SFL Group, the Hall's preferred AV supplier, can provide a bespoke video solution for your event, from a single central projection screen to a multi-camera HD shoot.

SFL can provide a huge variety of screen configurations to suit the requirements of your show. They are also stockists of Barco Projectors and various image processing solutions that can run any number of projection or LED screens.

Lighting - AV

SFL can also provide a complete camera solution for live to screen footage or for recording and post production edit and various special camera options which may consist of elements such as Jib, Steady Cam, Track & Dolly. Further technical details can be found in the Technical Specification.


Elgar Room

We can supply technical services in our secondary performance space, the Elgar Room. This versatile space can host theatre, conferences, dinners, parties and live music events. Our installed PA system and fixed lighting rig can cover the most basic of events, but with our in house stock of additional fixtures, anything is possible.


Elgar Comedy: Patrick Monahan, November 2009
Elgar Comedy: Patrick Monahan, November 2009



'Poyekhali!' Gagarin Talk -June 2011
'Poyekhali!' Gagarin Talk, June 2011



IMG Masters Tennis, December 2011
IMG Masters Tennis, December 2011



Children In Need aftershow party, November 2009
Children In Need aftershow party, November 2009


Live Music Events

Late Night Jazz: Alexander Stewart, December 2011
Late Night Jazz: Alexander Stewart, December 2011

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