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  • The Titanic Band Memorial Concert

    24 May 1912

    This concert was hailed as the greatest professional orchestra ever assembled, with 50 performers from the Queen's Hall Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra and Royal Opera Orchestra amongst others. They were conducted by Sir Edward Elgar, Henry Wood, Landon Ronald and Thomas Beecham. The concert was in honour of the musicians who perished in the Titanic disaster.

  • Rachmaninov performs his Piano Concerto No 2 in C minor

    1 February 1914

    On 1 February 1914 Rachmaninov performed his Piano Concerto No 2 in C minor at the Hall.

  • Sir Ernest Shackleton

    19 December 1919

    Sir Ernest Shackleton showed pictures from his Antarctic expedition of 1914 - 1917.

  • The North entrance to the Hall

    Around 1920

    The North entrance to the Hall around 1920.

  • Jascha Heifetz

    20 June 1920

    A handbill advertising Jascha Heifetz, the  violin virtuoso and a regular  visitor to the Hall, playing with the New York Symphony Orchestra.

  • Madam Lily Payling

    14 April 1923

    Madam Lily Payling, a well known Australian contralto who performed  regularly at the Hall from 1921, pictured in her programme for 14 April 1923  singing into a wireless transmitter at the Hague. Her Payling Musical Society  which promoted young artists, continued to perform at the Hall until 1960.

  • Hiawatha

    1924 to 1939

    From 1924 to 1939 Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's  Hiawatha was produced in a fully staged version by Thomas Fairbairn, with 10,000 square feet of backdrop, snow storms, ballet and a genuine Mohawk chief – Chief                       Os-Ke-Non-Ton. Shown is a scene from June 1933.

  • Happy New Year Ball


    The spectacular Happy New Year Ball of 1925 was held on the Great floor.  This illustration shows the complexities of erecting the structure over the  arena and stalls seating, which took three days. This floor was last used in the mid  1980's.

  • Paul Whiteman

    11 April 1926

    A handbill for Paul Whiteman and his band. George  Gershwin attended the concert and it is rumoured he played Rhapsody in  Blue.

  • Charleston Ball

    15 December 1926

    The programme for the Charleston Ball of 15 December 1926, where one of  the judges was Fred Astaire, and one of the winners was the impresario Lew  Grade.

  • Leo Theremin

    12 December 1927

    A programme of 12 December 1927 for the Russian Professor Leo Theremin  with his 'Music from the Ether'. He was introducing his new Theremin  apparatus which requires no physical contact with the instrument. It produces  an eerie sound and is still used today by rock musicians and classical  composers.

  • Ford Motor Show

    1932 - 1937

    The Ford Motor Show ran from 1932 until 1937, featuring all the latest  technology in motor transport, including the 100 pounds car. Cars were driven onto the Great floor, and the Loggia boxes were used as sales rooms.

  • British Medical Association Dinner

    28 July 1932

    The British Medical Association dinner of 28 July 1932 to celebrate their  centenary. The Great Floor, which stretched over the arena and stalls, was  able to accommodate almost 2,000 diners. The guest of honour was the Prince of Wales.

  • Yehudi Menuhin

    20 November 1932

    Yehudi Menuhin first appeared at the Hall aged 13 years on 10 November 1929.  This handbill for 20 November  1932 shows him conducted by Edward Elgar in a programme featuring the music of Elgar, Mozart and Bach. His last performance at the Hall was  as a conductor on 22 December 1998. He died 3 months later.

  • Italian Tenor Beniamino Gigli

    23 March 1933

    The programme for 23 March 1933 for Italian tenor Beniamino Gigli who was  a great favourite at the Hall, appearing here many times between 1933-1955.

  • Einstein

    3 October 1933

    On 3 October 1933 Einstein spoke at a mass meeting in the Hall, organised by refugee aid workers assisting Jewish academics to escape from Nazi persecution.  He told a packed audience that 'freedom itself is at can only hope that the present crisis will lead to a better world'.

  • Mass Baptisms

    2 April 1934

    The Elim Evangel of the Foursquare Gospel held mass baptisms from 1928, pictured here on 2 April 1934. On the stage surrounded by grass and flowers stood a galvanised iron tank representing the River Jordan, while helpers, waist deep in water and wearing shirts and ties, helped hundreds to immerse in the baptismal tank.

  • Event in aid of the Spanish Civil War

    24 June 1937

    Paul Robeson spoke at the mass rally against General Franco and the Hall was packed with famous artists, writers, scientists & politicians such as  Virginia Woolf, Henry Moore, C D Lewis and Julian Huxley. Picasso designed  the programme cover, dedicated to the mothers and children of Spain.

  • Gracie Fields Tribute Concert

    28 October 1938

    Gracie Fields Tribute concert programme of 28 October 1938. She came from  humble roots in Lancashire, rising to be a huge star of the cinema and music hall.

  • Projectionist


    The projectionist in the 1940's. The Hall was regularly used to show films  from 1905 to the mid 1940’s. There was a projection booth in the gallery,  showing such films as 'With Allenby in Palestine and Lawrence in Arabia'   which had 56 viewings in 1919, 'King Solomon's Mines' in 1920, 'The  Nibelungs' in 1924 and propaganda films during the war. Recently the  premieres of '101 Dalmatians' (1996), 'Die Another Day' (2002) and 'The  Chronicles of Narnia' (2005) have been screened.