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Who's Who


The Council of the Corporation of the Hall of Arts and Sciences is also the trustee body of the charity. 18 of the council are elected from Members of the Corporation, being individual or corporate owners of seats in the Hall who are the successors of those who subscribed capital to fund the Hall’s original construction. There are in addition 5 members of the Council who are appointed by the bodies indicated in the list below.

The President of the Corporation is elected by the Members each year. Council operates through a series of sub-committees responsible for different aspects of the Corporation's responsibilities. The President and members of the Council are unremunerated.

The Secretary to the Corporation is responsible for all administrative aspects of the Council's affairs and for company secretarial duties.


J Moynihan OBE

Vice Presidents

Mr L Baroukh
Mrs Lin Craig
Mrs Michael Moore
M Jackson

Elected Members

M B M Williams
Ms M Bloch
J Crystal
D A G Elyan
I Henderson CBE
Mr J Max
Mr Ian McCulloch
A Ratcliffe
M T Schnebli
Mr T Ryder Smith
Mr C Swan
R C Waterbury

Appointed Members

G F Bowden
Appointed by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

S Corbyn
Appointed by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851

Sir Michael Dixon
Appointed by the Trustees of the Natural History Museum

Professor C Lawson
Appointed by the Council of the Royal College of Music

J Neilson
Appointed by the Governors of the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

Secretary to the Corporation

Julie Hope


The day-to-day management of the Hall is the responsibility of the Chief Executive who is accountable to the Council for all aspects of the Hall's operations. He is supported by four Directors.

Senior Executives

Chief Executive – Chris Cotton
Chief Operating Officer - James Ainscough
Director of Business Development - Philip Marshall
Director of Events - Lucy Noble
Director of Operations - Amanda Squires
Director of External Affairs – Sarah Woods