Tickets for the world’s greatest classical music festival got snapped up fast when they went on sale in May, with tickets for several Proms concerts selling out soon after bookings opened.

However, if you missed out on tickets then don’t let the ‘Tickets not available’ buttons next to the events on our website put you off – there’s still hope..! There are three ways you could still get to your Prom – Day Promming, extra tickets and “Fifth seats”.

Day Promming

A BBC Proms concert at the Hall is never ‘sold out’ before the day because for each Prom up to 1,350 standing, or ‘Promming’ places are available in the Arena and Gallery on the day (see coloured areas in the photo below). If you arrive early enough on the day of the concert to get a good spot in the queue, you have a very good chance of getting one of the many tickets available.

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Promming is an essential part of the character of the BBC Proms and a great British tradition, and allows you to enjoy world-class performances for just £6.

All you need to know about Promming can be found here!

Extra tickets

There is a chance of extra tickets becoming available through a small but regular stream of returns. Returned tickets will become available on our website as soon as they are sent to us.

TOP TIP: Keep the event page saved in your favourites folder and check it whenever you can

There’s also the chance closer to the time that some seats held off sale for camera or technical equipment may no longer be needed for production use and will go on sale.

We recommend keeping an even closer eye on our website in the two weeks leading up to a concert.

Second Tier: ‘The Fifth Seat’

We have around 80 Boxes on the Second Tier (top level of boxes pictured below) which we sell as four-seat boxes, however many of these boxes contain an extra seat at the back.

The quality of the view from this extra seat can vary significantly depending on both the box and the show, and the reason we don’t put these tickets on general sale on our website is to avoid customers being disappointed at the view they may have from them for a given show.

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However, these tickets are still available to buy, so if you’re just after a single ticket and aren’t too picky about the view please call our Box Office on 020 7589 8212 to purchase them.

TOP TIP: Our Box Office staff will know which seats offer the best view and will be able to recommend you what they consider to be the best available seat